Rococo Side Table - Black - Fabulous and Baroque Furniture and Review

Fabulous & Rococo Side Table - Black

Take another peep...you know you want to!!

This highly ornate Rococo styled side table with three intricately carved drawers exclusively from Fabulous and Baroque is handmade and created out of carved, solid mahogany. Set inside a beautifully designed frame, the detailed, hand-painted finishes make it the perfect companion to the Fabulous & Rococo Bed, making this a set, match!

Due to the decorative and ornate nature of the Rococo Era, everything was designed as a work of art! This can be seen in our amazing pieces of art today! 

Looking for more history on the Rococo period?? Did you know that the term "Rococo" is seen as a combination of the French rocaille, meaning stone, and coquilles, meaning shell, due to reliance on these objects as motifs of decoration. As luck would have it our beautiful furniture also includes intricate shell carvings for the drawer pulls.

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  • Nov 16, 2012

    I wanted to know ow can I purchase 2 of these tables.

    — Jennifer Rogers

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